Maria Blanchard (1881-1932). She was a Franco-Spanish painter and a key figure in the pictorial revival that took place in Europe during the First World War. Her relentless artistic career, her impressive biography as a genius from the time she was a child with physical difficulties, and her extraordinary intelligence made her stand out, especially as a member and only woman of L'école de Paris, a star and an essential figure of Cubism.

She became one of the most important characters of the 20th century avant-garde art. 

This virtual gallery is intended to pay tribute to the great artist on the 90th anniversary of her death in Paris, and to introduce her work and language as a painter and theoretician to the interested public. 

This app it's a Virtual Reality museum where you can explore 65 works as never seen before. The player has locomotion to move throught several rooms marked by key dates in her history. You can know about her life with a virtual character who, from some monitors, explains her biography in an entertaining and didactic way.


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